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Oakura, the company

Oakura is a playful word combination of Oak and Cura:
The Oak tree, serving a multitude of participants in its vicinity, is central in nurturing and helping an entire ecosystem to thrive - a strong, durable community enabler and provider of great building material.
Cura on the other hand, the ancient Roman goddess whose name lead to the use of today’s “concern” or “care”. The latter meaning “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something”. Which in our case are the founders, entrepreneurs, backers and participants of our ecosystem.

Oh, and Oakura is as well a small town with an amazing surf beach on the North Island of New Zealand, named after its Oakura river (which is originally named after its female ancestor, the Akura-matapū maori).

The Oakonomy

It's Oakura's economy. It's a marketplace and expert circle where startups can grow faster by receiving valuable, cutting-edge support from a strong, incentivized ecosystem. Everyone holding OAKs and/or accessing our platform is part of it.

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