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Innovation Economy

Innovation Economy

We advance global innovation by bridging the gap between industry & science. The Oakonomy captures the entire value of a cross-border innovation economy of world class tech-startups and lets everyone participate in its sustainable financial gains.

Digital & Gig economy

Incentive Alignment

In our co-owned network, every value-add towards a startup increases the worth of the Oakonomy, and therefore benefits its users. This reinforcing mechanism creates an impeccable consensus regarding the vision of a whole ecosystem: Helping startups to succeed faster.

Continuously evolving Platform


The Oakonomy removes the unnecessary friction of transferring assets across borders with its unique token model and ensures low transaction fees, guaranteed payment and quick settlements between its participants.

Oakura’s solution of a startup ecosystem that combines the traditional business model of early stage venture funding with the benefits of crypto tokens is highly interesting. By setting the right incentives with a clever token model and acquiring high quality partners & ecosystem service providers, this innovative approach of startup funding might introduce a new model for Venture Capital.

Remo Kyburz, CEO

Blocknovum (Blockchain & Cryptoasset investment research provider)


At Oakura, it’s our no. 1 priority to make startups succeed faster. By providing OAKs in return for equity, we enable selected early stage Startups & Founders to access proven and rated Experts from our exclusive expert circle - who have a strong incentive to help you get ahead faster.


Proven experts with cutting-edge company-building experience, industry insights, technology know-how or valuable connections can offer and provide their advice to Startups & Founders as part of the Oakonomy’s exclusive advisory circle (including mentors, board members, advisors, etc.). Even the smallest engagements can be remunerated, allowing the busiest experts to maximize their time, and their expertise. Their work for equity (i.e. OAKs) aligns their incentive with the Oakonomy, and allows an Expert to hold (become investor) or liquidate (trade OAKs for other services, crypto currencies or fiat). Certainty of payment after delivering the work is guaranteed.


Comprising the bedrock of the Oakonomy, Investors have access to a security token representing the value and financial returns of the Oakonomy. With the growing number of experts and value-creation within the network, the Oakonomy becomes more powerful and its liquid asset, the OAK, more valuable. Accessing innovation, dealflow, talents and the potential upside of an entire startup portfolio has never been easier.


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