Why you should join the Oakonomy as an Expert

Innovation Economy

Monetize your Expertise

Turn favours into smart money. Share your knowledge with Startups and get compensated.

The OAK token allows for direct reimbursement of your time, at your terms. Making you a co-owner of the Oakonomy.

Digital & Gig economy

Unlock the full Upside

By supporting a startup in the Oakonomy you can win double:

A) If the entire ecosystem gains in value, your OAKs will so, too.

B) If the startup you supported becomes successful and brings in proceeds for the Oakonomy, you will be eligible for a cut of it.

Continuously evolving Platform

Enjoy lower Risks

Due to the efficient transfer of assets between you and the startup, there are no FX costs and credit risks even across borders. Blocking the agreed amount allows for quick and certain settlement.

While having access to the upside, your downside risk is hedged by an entire portfolio of tech startups.

Data Driven and Smart

Keep the Flexibility

Once accepted to the Oakonomy, it’s up to you if, when and for how much OAK you are willing to engage into any work - either for another startup, expert or any other participant. You decide.

Oakura’s solution of a startup ecosystem that combines the traditional business model of early stage venture funding with the benefits of crypto tokens is highly interesting. By setting the right incentives with a clever token model and acquiring high quality partners & ecosystem service providers, this innovative approach of startup funding might introduce a new model for Venture Capital.

Remo Kyburz, CEO


Oakonomy means


Marketing and Sales

Boost your sales competence by getting in touch with a growing number of Oakonomy experts that know how to communicate the benefits of your product or service far better than you do.


Industry specific Experts

Hook up with some of the most rarely found experts that know your industry inside-out. Approaching them just for a fireside chat, or in order to embark them on a long-term journey as an advisor: you decide.


Legal Advisors

Involve one of the Oakonomy's top legal advisors early on and obtain valuable advice along the way at competitive prices. Avoiding the common pitfalls will save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.


Blockchain Adepts

Profit from our high quality network of Crypto Valley's top blockchain experts, token economics specialists and early industry supporters with valuable connections and insights. Involve them in your venture today.

Are you a startup or founder?

Are you a startup or founder?

I represent a startup operating in the field of blockchain or deep tech.

Are you an Investor?

Are you an Investor?

I am interested to financially participate in the value creation of an entire innovation economy.

Join the Oakonomy

Capitalize on your expertise. Engage with selected startups and earn equity. Simple, fast and secure.